The Talent - How Talent Is Found

Talent. One word that is laden with such richness and beauty and yet a word that is oftentimes used too flippantly. For Talent is a gift which is bestowed upon a person to share with mankind. To "find talent" is not difficult for the person who possesses it. Talent will not be denied, neither will it be silenced nor tossed aside like an old garment. And it can never be killed, for Talent is a living energy that resides deep within a person's psyche, in the very soul. The person born with a talent has a deep knowing, a yearning if you will, that there is something which he or she has that is exceedingly special and precious, and which has to be identified and lived out and enjoyed and shared, in order for the person to be whole, and to authentically fulfill the purpose for which this Talent was bestowed upon him or her.
Yet sadly and all too frequently, in the hustle and bustle of life's crushing responsibilities a person will endeavor to ignore their Talent. Perhaps it was told them that there could surely be no place for such frivolity as to nourish a burning desire to play the guitar or to compose the most beautiful music. Such continued negative input, especially from those nearest and dearest can result in the person denying their Talent, thus forcing him or her to exist within a shell of dry emptiness, ready to crack and break into a thousand pieces from pure soul sadness and the excruciating pain of being denied the ability to fulfill the reason for which they and their Talent were born.
I know of such a person. A born musician, a deeply sensitive and intuitive person. A child prodigy who played the guitar by ear. His nimble little fingers sometimes racing across the frets, other times caressing the strings of the guitar birthing the music once again of the great composers. As an adult he was denied the chance to nurture his Talent. He bowed to the pressure of Talent's persecutors and pursued the other "sensible" roads of reason which were being trodden daily by the herd. His authentic self was cast aside with his Talent. But all the while, underneath the ice-cold sobriety of his dreary day to day life, his Talent was vibrantly alive, never just gently nudging at him. No it was pushing and pulling at him, it was pounding his very being, screaming to be allowed to be expressed, to be free...
And now as an adult, with his guitar held lovingly within his arms he quietly begins to pick at the strings, his demeanor changes, it softens, there comes a sense of lightness around him. Talent will not, cannot be silenced. His fingers once again begin their journey on this beautiful instrument. The music that he makes is his own, and it is music which is as a balm for the broken souls of the world.
Now he is complete, now he is fulfilled, now he is truly his authentic self. Now he is alive.
We cannot hide Talent, for Talent will always be found!
Maxine Soakai is a Music Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Musician. She currently is recording a Pop album and recently finished her first single called, Stand In The Rain. She definitely has a special gift to reach out to people with her writing and music. You can find Maxine at http://maxinesoakai.com/ to learn more about her.

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