Songwriting Tips - 12 Tips to Write Better Songs

Songwriting is a potentially very lucrative field for a musician. If you want to get going with it are some tips that can help you write better songs.
Learn from hit songs: One comment technique to become good at anything in life is to, "Copy from the best." The same principles apply in songwriting. Become proficient at studying popular songs. Figure out what makes does songs so popular, and so successful. Learn how the most popular songs are structured so you get an idea of what people like.
Create beautiful melodies: The majority of good songs tend to have one characteristic in common, "they have contagious melodies." This is crucial for good songwriting. As a songwriter myself-I always start my songs with the melody first. Then I create the lyrics around it.
Learn Theory: Music theory is an important part of understanding songwriting. You don't have to be classically trained, but learning the basics will help.
Branch Out: Songwriters don't only write for genres they like personally. Learn about the conventions of other types of music.
Open Mindedness: Be open-minded about working with musicians that you'd never listen to. Any work you can get is a good thing.
Partner with a musician: This can get you credits on their CDs, which goes a long way toward getting new work.
Licensing and Copyrighting: Learn about these important legal aspects of the music business. They ensure that you get paid!
Other Venues: Television and film are viable venues for songwriters.
Practice: Practice writing songs across many different genres so you learn the conventions of each.
A Hook: Just about every successful song out there has a great hook. Learn what makes a great hook and practice writing them. Some songs are entirely based around the hook.
Keep a journal: keeping a journal is a great idea to learn how to understand human emotions. Channeling emotions is a crucial skill to learn for a songwriter, (keep in mind that good songs are often very emotional). Songwriters that create a habit of writing emotions on paper often tend to report that writing a journal will help immensely to write better lyrics.
Use strong lyrics: Become skilled at writing deep lyrics for your songs. Stay away from empty words. It is a fact, that nowadays many popular songs lack good lyrics-and they still manage to become "Hit" songs, (maybe just because they have a short, catchy hook). However, those songs will not last long. Songs that are known to last years getting played in radio stations, generating lots of royalties-are songs that contain powerful lyrics, and strong messages.
Octavio Patxot
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