Success Secret - Happiness Is A Choice

People search for keys to success. Some say it is all about hard work, some attribute success to patience and perseverance, some simply credit it all to destiny. Perspectives differ but everyone agrees that success doesn't come easy.
But one misconception many people have about success is about its relation to happiness. That success leads to happiness is a common belief. And one can say it is a myth.
Success does not necessarily lead to happiness. You can have all the success, fame and riches you desire and still not be happy with what you have. Happiness does not come from abundance or opulence. Happiness is essentially a state of mind and rather than success being a cause for happiness, one can say, happiness is always a cause for success.
"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen"
~ Elizabeth Kubler Ros
Happiness is a choice. You can be happy no matter what the circumstances are. The biggest struggles of life, the deepest pains, and toughest challenges do not have the power to tear you away from choosing to be happy despite everything. You may say this is impossible. How can one remain happy in the midst of pain?
You can if you approach pain with a positive attitude, as an obstacle or challenge which has been put in your path to test your resilience and stoicism, you will be able to face it square on rather than let it climb all over you and drown you in depression.
It is all a matter of your own thoughts
Happiness is not something that depends upon another person or situations either. You have the power to create things that make you happy. Many difficult or sad situations arise every now and then. It is all up to you how you choose to feel on any given day.
For instance, if you are handling too many responsibilities, your success in fulfilling each one of them will depend on how you balance the various responsibilities and approach each one as per its importance. If you let yourself become confused, hassled and disorganized, the problems that are actually opportunities in work clothes will seem all too difficult to handle. The opportunities will slip past you, and you will just be looking at the problems and not what's behind them. It is not important how you look at things but what you see there.
Turn your mind towards positive thinking. Decide to finish the jobs according to priorities, spare a few moments to absorb the beauty that surrounds you, count your blessings, and read some inspirational messages. Create your own happiness.
Remember, the amazing thing about life is that, you choose what you allow into it. You choose how things affect you, you choose how you react. Happiness is a Choice. Make it. Keep smiling!
Noah Brown is a freelance writer who writes extensively on parenting children by building stress-free enjoyable parent child relationships. She also writes on motivational videos and inspirational quotes which provide useful relationship advice and parenting tips.

Songwriting Tips - 12 Tips to Write Better Songs

Songwriting is a potentially very lucrative field for a musician. If you want to get going with it are some tips that can help you write better songs.
Learn from hit songs: One comment technique to become good at anything in life is to, "Copy from the best." The same principles apply in songwriting. Become proficient at studying popular songs. Figure out what makes does songs so popular, and so successful. Learn how the most popular songs are structured so you get an idea of what people like.
Create beautiful melodies: The majority of good songs tend to have one characteristic in common, "they have contagious melodies." This is crucial for good songwriting. As a songwriter myself-I always start my songs with the melody first. Then I create the lyrics around it.
Learn Theory: Music theory is an important part of understanding songwriting. You don't have to be classically trained, but learning the basics will help.
Branch Out: Songwriters don't only write for genres they like personally. Learn about the conventions of other types of music.
Open Mindedness: Be open-minded about working with musicians that you'd never listen to. Any work you can get is a good thing.
Partner with a musician: This can get you credits on their CDs, which goes a long way toward getting new work.
Licensing and Copyrighting: Learn about these important legal aspects of the music business. They ensure that you get paid!
Other Venues: Television and film are viable venues for songwriters.
Practice: Practice writing songs across many different genres so you learn the conventions of each.
A Hook: Just about every successful song out there has a great hook. Learn what makes a great hook and practice writing them. Some songs are entirely based around the hook.
Keep a journal: keeping a journal is a great idea to learn how to understand human emotions. Channeling emotions is a crucial skill to learn for a songwriter, (keep in mind that good songs are often very emotional). Songwriters that create a habit of writing emotions on paper often tend to report that writing a journal will help immensely to write better lyrics.
Use strong lyrics: Become skilled at writing deep lyrics for your songs. Stay away from empty words. It is a fact, that nowadays many popular songs lack good lyrics-and they still manage to become "Hit" songs, (maybe just because they have a short, catchy hook). However, those songs will not last long. Songs that are known to last years getting played in radio stations, generating lots of royalties-are songs that contain powerful lyrics, and strong messages.
Octavio Patxot
For more songwriting tips please visit my website: http://www.Musicbusiness4newartists.com


Air Pollution - Causes, Effects and Sources of Air Pollution

Introduction to Air Pollution:
Air pollution means the presence of contaminants or pollutants in the atmosphere beyond tolerance limit that can cause health problems to all human beings on earth. The causes of air pollution can be both natural or man-made. Air pollutants are mostly gases or small particles which remain suspended in the air for very long time period.
Sources of Air Pollution:
The most characteristic sources of air pollution have always been combustion processes where the pollutant is smoke. Out of all combustion processes, the most dominant player responsible for pollution is automobiles. The burning of fossil fuels in automobiles releases enormous amount of sulfur and nitrogen oxides which are heavy air pollutants.
Apart from the automobiles, power sector is another major play in causing pollution. Humans are still dependent on fossil fuels for all their energy demands. Coal is the major source of energy in thermal power plants to produce electricity and is the dirtiest of fuel among all. Burning coal produces smoke which contains contaminants and when this smoke is released into atmosphere, these contaminants remain suspended in atmosphere for a long duration.
Air Pollution Scenarios:
Smoke has been the reason of urban air pollution since centuries because of the same reason. The use of coal throughout the centuries has caused cities to be very smoky places. The present scenario is not very different. Coal is still burnt in large quantities to produce electricity worldwide and is therefore one of the main source of pollution.
The world has now shifted to liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons like oil and natural gas to meet its energy demands. Though these fuels are considerably cleaner than coal but excessive use of these fuels have resulted in increased concentration of greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides etc. in the atmosphere.
Effects of Air Pollution:
Pollutants have a wide range of effects with health problems being of most concern. Respiratory diseases tops the chart of health problems. The second major health problem is heart diseases caused due to increased level of carbon monoxide in the air. Pollutants are also involved in increasing cases of Asthma, Eye Irritation and a range of bronchial diseases.
Pollution also affect our environment and ecosystems. Acid rain is the result of increased amount of pollutants present in the atmosphere which gets dissolved with the rain water. This acidic rain caused serious harm to our natural environment and ecosystems. Fading shine of Taj Mahal, among world's seven wonders, is one of the example of how air pollution can impact our environment?
Air pollution control:
The need to control pollution was recognized in the earliest cities. The nineteenth century saw a growing interest in improving public health by controlling pollutants. Laws were formed to keep the pollutants downwind or outside the city.
Since then, as the environmental awareness has increased, a lot of precautionary measures have been taken by the governments and strict pollution laws have been imposed on industries to control pollutants. The improvements in technology and increased energy efficiency of engines have also helped in reduced emissions compared to a few decades ago.
For more detailed information, read our environment pollution guide.
Keshav Saini is an Engineer turned Environmentalist and is actively involved in Environment Protection activities. He started Environment About to spread awareness about environmental issues and to educate people about green living.

The Talent - How Talent Is Found

Talent. One word that is laden with such richness and beauty and yet a word that is oftentimes used too flippantly. For Talent is a gift which is bestowed upon a person to share with mankind. To "find talent" is not difficult for the person who possesses it. Talent will not be denied, neither will it be silenced nor tossed aside like an old garment. And it can never be killed, for Talent is a living energy that resides deep within a person's psyche, in the very soul. The person born with a talent has a deep knowing, a yearning if you will, that there is something which he or she has that is exceedingly special and precious, and which has to be identified and lived out and enjoyed and shared, in order for the person to be whole, and to authentically fulfill the purpose for which this Talent was bestowed upon him or her.
Yet sadly and all too frequently, in the hustle and bustle of life's crushing responsibilities a person will endeavor to ignore their Talent. Perhaps it was told them that there could surely be no place for such frivolity as to nourish a burning desire to play the guitar or to compose the most beautiful music. Such continued negative input, especially from those nearest and dearest can result in the person denying their Talent, thus forcing him or her to exist within a shell of dry emptiness, ready to crack and break into a thousand pieces from pure soul sadness and the excruciating pain of being denied the ability to fulfill the reason for which they and their Talent were born.
I know of such a person. A born musician, a deeply sensitive and intuitive person. A child prodigy who played the guitar by ear. His nimble little fingers sometimes racing across the frets, other times caressing the strings of the guitar birthing the music once again of the great composers. As an adult he was denied the chance to nurture his Talent. He bowed to the pressure of Talent's persecutors and pursued the other "sensible" roads of reason which were being trodden daily by the herd. His authentic self was cast aside with his Talent. But all the while, underneath the ice-cold sobriety of his dreary day to day life, his Talent was vibrantly alive, never just gently nudging at him. No it was pushing and pulling at him, it was pounding his very being, screaming to be allowed to be expressed, to be free...
And now as an adult, with his guitar held lovingly within his arms he quietly begins to pick at the strings, his demeanor changes, it softens, there comes a sense of lightness around him. Talent will not, cannot be silenced. His fingers once again begin their journey on this beautiful instrument. The music that he makes is his own, and it is music which is as a balm for the broken souls of the world.
Now he is complete, now he is fulfilled, now he is truly his authentic self. Now he is alive.
We cannot hide Talent, for Talent will always be found!
Maxine Soakai is a Music Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Musician. She currently is recording a Pop album and recently finished her first single called, Stand In The Rain. She definitely has a special gift to reach out to people with her writing and music. You can find Maxine at http://maxinesoakai.com/ to learn more about her.


Is Money the Most Important Motivational Factor in Football?

Now, we know that players would literally pay from their own pockets, as Fabregas did, in order to move to big name clubs such as Man Utd, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern (I won't be including any Italian clubs here as they have been quite horrible as of late). It's quite understandable as players feel like they have achieved their well-awaited dream, if they move to these clubs. Do they realize that the same move could either tarnish their image or reduce their minutes on the pitch? Real Madrid as a club can be taken as a very good example, because of the high profile players it has attracted in the past years. After the original Galacticos, highly talented players like Michael Owen, Robinho, Arjen Robben, Van der Vaart and Wesley Sneijder have represented the clubs unsuccessfully. All the players mentioned here actually under-performed since their time at previous clubs.
Except for Anelka, Robben and Sneijder, haven't really seen these players get their pre-Madrid form back yet. Isn't football about trying to play and perform consistently? Yes, playing in a team like Madrid will enhance your performance, that is if you are on the pitch but what are the chances of making it into the midfield line up of current Madrid or the Manchester City team? Madrid is loaded with superstars like Ozil, Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Kaka, Altintop, Lassana, Di Maria and the latest addition Nuri Sahin (from Borussia). These according to me are all class players especially Nuri Sahin. His performance for Dortmund last year played a huge role in them winning the Bundesliga. What are the chances of him playing consistently with the presence of others around? The same goes for Man City as well. I support the team with all that I have but someone will be disappointed. Milner, De Jong, Nasri, Johnson, Barry, Silva, Toure and Hargreaves. Great for the eye but in terms of sustainability - not so good.
But in the end, who are we to judge or truly understand the motives behind the switch. Maybe it was for the money or maybe it was for the coach they were playing under or may be it was basically for the credibility of the club. Whatever the reason, every year we have the opportunity to see the actual worth of the transfers by the end of the season. At least my man Eto'o came out saying clearly that he was moving to Anzi for the money. Come-on 20 Million Euros per year. 20 Million? I obviously don't blame Eto'o for accepting the money. For 20 M, I would move to Dagestan and eat a Siberian Yak's frozen testicles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His family, grandkids and great grandkids could be well off with that sort of money. However, I blame the prevailing bodies for tolerating that amount to be paid.
The author is an avid footballer who went through a long period of what he calls the luck of an Irish, when it comes to his footballing career. He is moved on since, to being a passionate supporter and promoter of beautiful football played all across the world. You can follow him on his blog: http://www.footynions.com

Basal Cell Cancer: Surgery Is Your Best Option

Under the umbrella of skin cancer, the most common type is basal cell cancer. Surgery can get rid of this problem but it is malignant in nature. This is mainly because it causes disfigurement. People who are light skinned are at a greater risk of being diagnosed with this kind of cancer in areas of the body that are regularly exposed to sun rays. Basal cell cancer surgery needs to be carried out if the condition has reached a stage where medication cannot help the patient.
While basal cell cancer is the least dangerous compared to its other relatives, it still causes certain amount of damage to the area where it forms and the surrounding tissue. Its malignant nature allows it to physically manifest itself in the form of a nodule not very different from what an acne scar looks like. However, this small nodule could bleed, crust, heal, and reopen again on a regular basis. This is when people realize that this is much more than just a scar.
Time is of the essence in such cases and you need to make sure that you visit a general physician or a dermatologist as soon as you notice a small ulcer forming on your skin. The doctor might ask you to go in for a biopsy in order to learn more about the ulcer on your skin. If detected in the initial stages, basal cell cancer can be eradicated with least amount of damage done to your skin. However, the longer you wait the more chances of it destroying tissue around the affected area.
The head and neck are the most common regions where basal cell cancer usually strikes. However, sometimes the torso area might also be affected. Surgery will either get rid of the cancerous cells entirely or radiation may also be used to stop it from burrowing through the skin and tissue. Mohs chemosurgery is used in order to get rid of this disease from its root and in a controlled manner.
According to skin specialists, basal cell cancer surgery is the only option when the lesion has begun to cause a lot of damage to the area where it has formed. This is also known as rodent ulcers as it burrows through skin, bone, and muscle if not treated in a timely and appropriate manner. Visit a doctor as soon as possible if you notice a weird looking blister on your skin.
Basal cell cancer surgery is the only option when the lesion has begun to cause a lot of damage to the area where it has formed. Visit Skin Cancer Los Angeles for more information.


The Happy Bus

When I was a young professional in Chicago, I worked in a small advertising agency. One day a secretary (who was usually grumpy in the morning) came to work smiling and humming. I looked quizically at her and she laughed, "I caught the Happy Bus this morning." I inquired as to what that was. "You don't know the Happy Bus?" she exclaimed, her eyes flying wide open. "Oh my gosh, it's legendary." She then explained, "One of the bus drivers who drives the 151 bus during morning rush hour calls his bus the Happy Bus, and he gets everybody in a good mood on their way to work...he is so cute and funny...today we had a group sing!" She went on to explain all the different narratives and tactics he used during his 5 AM to noon shift up and down Michigan Avenue, dealing with crabby, hungover and just plain unhappy commuters; and because there were dozens of number 151 buses, it was just good fortune if you happened to get on the Happy Bus on your way to work.
Several years later, I was running very late for work one morning (I then worked up at the Hancock Building at the "top" of Michigan Avenue). It was starting to drizzle, and I still had five more blocks to walk, so when I saw a 151 bus heading my way, I flagged it down and hopped on board. Because it was almost empty, I sat in the front across from the driver, who was humming quietly. Pretty soon he heard me humming along with him, and he turned and exclaimed, "Let's sing a duet!" I laughed and agreed, so we sang a duet (complete with harmony) the last few blocks to the Hancock.
As he dropped me off, I thanked him for the music and started to step down, when I turned around and said, "Wait a minute...is this the Happy Bus?" He leaned his head back, gave a huge laugh and said, "One and Only, Young Lady...you come back when we're full and you'll have a real good time...I'm kind of plum tuckered out after six hours of driving my shift."
As I scurried through the drizzling rain and glided quickly through the revolving doors at the Hancock, I heard him honk the bus for me and he took off up the Mag Mile. I punched my floor in the elevator, smiling to myself, just knowing I was going to have a good day...and I of course was humming.
Author Dale Phillip enjoys living in a friendly universe. You can visit her at her website http://www.OurFriendlyUniverse.com.

Adult Brain Tumor Risks, Diagnosis, and Treatment

A brain tumor is a mass or growth of abnormal cells that have multiplied out of control. There are many different types of brain tumors. Some are benign, or non-cancerous, while others are classified as malignant, or cancerous. Symptoms you experience and treatment options depend largely on the type of tumor as well as its size and location.
Primary brain tumors are those that originate in the brain or tissues surrounding it. These tumors are much less common than secondary tumors, which occur when cancer from another part of the body metastasizes or spreads to the brain. While any type of cancer may do this, melanoma and cancers of the breast, colon, kidney, and lung are the most common to metastasize to the brain.
Researchers have not been able to determine exactly what causes brain tumors to form. Only a few risk factors have been documented. Exposure to radiation therapy of the head may put you at a higher risk for developing brain tumors. Certain genetic syndromes may increase your risk as well. Typically, there is not a clear indication of what caused the tumor to form. Research continues to determine if cell phones may contribute to the formation of brain tumors. At this time, no clear conclusions have been made linking the two.
There are no reliable screenings that detect brain tumors before symptoms appear. Patients may suffer from a variety of symptoms before visiting their physician for diagnosis. The size, location, and rate of growth of the tumor often determine what symptoms occur. Some of the most common symptoms may include:
  • Headaches that occur more often and become more severe over time
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Hearing loss
  • Unexplained nausea and vomiting
  • Changes in personality
  • Confusion
  • Seizures
  • Weakness or loss of movement in an arm or leg
If you experience any of these symptoms, visit your physician for a diagnosis. He or she will recommend a variety of tests to determine whether or not a brain tumor is the problem. Checking your vision, hearing, coordination, and reflexes with a neurological exam may indicate which part of brain is affected. An MRI allows the physician to scan your brain and evaluate the situation. A CT scan may be administered to determine if there is cancer in another part of your body that may have spread. If a tumor is found, the patient may undergo a biopsy to diagnose the tumor as benign or malignant.
Benign tumors are less aggressive than malignant ones and do not normally spread to surrounding tissue or other parts of the body. Even though they are not cancerous, benign tumors can still be very serious and possibly life threatening. If they are located in a vital area of the brain, exert pressure on sensitive nerve tissue, or increase pressure in the brain, these tumors may pose a serious risk to the patient. Benign tumors are often successfully treated with surgery, reducing the patient's risk of disability or death.
There are three standard types of treatment for malignant tumors: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. New treatments are constantly being researched and used in clinical trials throughout the world. For some patients, clinical trials are the best choice of treatment. Your cancer care team will make recommendations for the treatment options that best suit your particular situation.
It is important that those patients who are dealing with a brain tumor not only get the best treatment available, but also find support to cope with their diagnosis. Talk with your physician or oncologist about support options in your area.
Laura Mims is a writer for FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital, which specializes in oncology, cancer care, and cancer treatment in Pinehurst, North Carolina.


Many people think that cheese should be avoided when on a weight loss diet, but perhaps if you are among them you should think again. Cheese is a valuable source of protein and although the amount of calories in cheese is largely made up of fat, it still can be included in a healthy balanced diet. Remember that cow's milk cheeses have a higher fat content than those made from goats', ewe's or buffalo's milk.
For starters there is the common cottage cheese which can be used instead of mayo and other dressings which pile on the calories, and if you spice it up a bit with the addition of hot chili peppers, or slivers of chicken or even ham and pineapple as sold in supermarkets it doesn't taste quite so bland.
Real Greek Feta cheese is low in calories, and if you soak it in clean water before eating it, you will get rid of some of its saltiness. A lunchtime snack of Feta, olives and fresh tomatoes is healthy and low in calories.
Individually packed cheeses to spread on wheat crackers are good they still have nutritional value and don't eat into your daily calorie allowance, and you can top them with crunchy celery stalks and grated carrot and slices of tomato for a tasty low-calorie snack.
Low-fat ricotta is good in lasagnas and you won't notice the difference when it's cooked between it and the whole-fat variety. In fact low-fat cheeses can be useful when you are on a calorie controlled diet.
It is important not to cut out dairy products all together when you are on a diet as they contain vitamins such as the B-complex ones and the mineral calcium which are important for the maintenance of healthy bones, blood and the central nervous system.
Cheese is also a high-protein food and you could cut down a little on meat and eat more cheese, stealing a few calories so that you can occasionally enjoy your favourite cheese, without feeling bad about calories.
A recent study carried out by researchers at Australia's Curtin University showed that people who ate more dairy products and combined this with resistance exercises lost more weight than a control group who did not eat more dairy products. They also lost a lot of abdominal fat which is one of the culprits connected with heart problems.
It is not advisable to go on a dairy diet however; you need to have a well-balanced one to lose weight. It isn't ever a good idea to go on a diet which restricts the foods you eat, so try to avoid fad diets. They tend to work initially but then so do most because you lose excess fluid in the first week or two of any diet, but after that they are difficult if not impossible to stick to.
Cheese can be eaten on a weight loss diet and should not be avoided - so look for Feta or low-fat cheeses when you are next in your local supermarket!
http://www.herbs-treatandtaste.blogspot.com If you enjoyed this article, you may like the information about the food we eat which is on this site. It has information about plants that are beneficial for our health and delicious recipes for you to try. Why not click on the link to see what its all about?

Researchers have been working hard to find a way to use the body's own t-cell's to fight cancer and destroy it. Clinical trials have been conducted and some people who were participants have gone into complete remission using this exciting and novel new approach. This is known as "gene therapy" and researchers have been working furiously for years trying to find ways to utilize the body's own cells to be reprogrammed to fight and destroy cancer cells.
A clinical trial held at The University of Pennsylvania involved providing this treatment to participants who suffered from leukemia. One participant in particular, a man who had suffered from leukemia participated in the trial and it turned his life around for the better. Chemotherapy was no longer effective for his disease. A few weeks after this treatment, he was in complete remission with no trace of cancer to be found. It is now a year later and he is still completely cancer free. There were an additional two patients who participated in this trial. One had another complete remission of the leukemia and the third participant had a partial remission result. These results are extremely promising and plans are being made for further gene therapy trials.
The Procedure: This trial involved the removal of billions of a person's T-cells. T- cells are one of the white cells in the human body whose function is to fight and destroy viruses and tumors. Once these t-cells are removed they are genetically reprogrammed with new genes. These new genes actually teach the t-cells to seek out and destroy cancer in the human body. They are then reinjected back into the patient.
The doctors who are part of the trial are not stating yet that this is a cure. They say the treatment is still experimental and has only involved a few patients. This trial has been written about in The New England Journal of Medicine and Science Translational Medicine. Many researchers are very excited about it and feel it is a significant achievement in the field of gene therapy to fight cancer.
This procedure basically was able to use a person's own immune system to kill cancer cells. Researchers are now trying to determine if other types of cancer might also be responsive to this gene therapy.
The doctors leading this study and trial said they were also stunned by the results of complete remission. Although this is still experimental at this point, researchers hope to replicate this study again and see how it responds to other types of cancer.
Tumor Destruction by T-cells: Scientists are trying to determine how to make these modified t-cells destroy tumors. This particular research study done at The University of Pennsylvania appears to have been able to accomplish this by leaving a population of "memory" t-cells" within the body that will be able to remultiply when needed, as they will recognize the development of cancerous cells.
This gene therapy concept of genetically modifying the body's t-cells really began in the 1980s with research conducted in Israel. Over the years much research has continued to occur in this area and it appears that scientists are making great progress. Researchers are hopeful that one day soon, these "cancer killer" t-cells" will effectively destroy cancer and be available as a therapy option for people suffering from this dreadful disease.
Potential Dangers of T-Cell Therapy: Although this research is incredibly promising there are certain dangers still inherent to it. A person may become vunerable to infection because the treatment will destroy both healthy and cancerous cells simultaneously, in this leukemia case wiping out a patient's entire B-cell population. Doctors are providing these patients with precautions such as periodic infusions of immune building substances to prevent infections from occurring.
Another danger could be the overwhelming number of cancer cells that can die off all at once. This can overwhelm the liver and kidneys and lead to "tumor lyses", a potentially deadly reaction. Doctors are working on this problem by providing drugs which will help protect the kidneys while this process is occurring.
Additionally there may be other reactions which may be life threatening because everybody is unique and the modified t-cells can target cancer cells anywhere in the body. Therefore if there is cancer in the lungs, the lungs may become overwhelmed and the patient can develop breathing problems which can be dangerous. Additionally side effect reactions that occur from this treatment include high fevers and inflammation.
The Future: Researchers are very excited about the future of genetically modified t-cell therapy in treating and even destroying cancer. Although it may be years away, the hope is to perfect the therapy and make it available to anyone who may benefit from it. Many hurdles still exist including how this treatment could be massed produced by the pharmaceutical industry. Until that time, researchers continue to work hard and are grateful for the astonishing results of complete remission they have already achieved in several patients suffering from leukemia.
The Issels Medical Center in Santa Barbara, California is a world renowned alternative cancer treatment center. The Issels Treatment is an Integrative Immunotherapy program with a 50 year history. Founded in 1951 by a pioneer in integrative cancer medicine, Dr. Josef Issels, MD., a German oncologist, The Issels Medical Center in Santa Barbara, California treats patients with all natural non toxic therapies for a variety of health conditions including cancer.
If you would like more information regarding the treatments available at The Issels Medical Center in Santa Barbara, California, please call 805-216-2007 or toll free at 888-374-7735. And please visit the website at: http://www.issels.com/Questionaire/questionnaire_IMC.aspx

There are a number of things to consider when choosing your server cabinet. The height, width and depth of the cabinet you choose will have serious implications for the technology you can fit within it. Here is a buyers' guide to help you make the right decision.
The height of data cabinets and server racks are generally measured in increments of size called 'u' increments. One 'u' is 44.45mm high. In most cases a 24 port patch panel or switch will be 1u high.
It is important to consider the equipment you want to use inside your server rack. Not all equipment is rack mountable, and if you want to use equipment that is not you should include the size of it in your measurements and divide the height by 44.45 to give an approximate 'u' value. Once you have an idea of the space it will occupy, you will then need to mount a special shelf to hold this piece of equipment.
It is always wise to purchase a server rack that includes at least 10-15% room for future expansion. If you suddenly decide to expand on the equipment in your server rack, you will have saved a lot of time and potential headaches by planning well in advance. Otherwise you will face additional costs associated with moving your equipment from your existing server rack into a new one - depending on the purpose of your server, these can be considerable.
Because the 'u' value refers to the internal space of the server cabinet, it can give you only a rough idea of the external dimensions of the rack itself. Server cabinets can vary considerably in size and you should make sure to note down both the internal AND external measurements before you buy so you can ensure there will be space in your office or data centre.
Most server racks come in one of two widths; 600mm or 800mm. Regardless of the width you choose, the 19" mounting angles for rack mounted equipment will almost always be the same. So why might you want a wider server rack? The main difference between 600mm and 800mm is the space inside for cable management. If you have a complex server arrangement and you are not extremely short on floor space, we recommend you choose the wider rack as this will make organising your cables much easier.
The depth of server racks is becoming increasingly important as manufacturers begin to favour shorter, deeper builds over taller, shallower ones. As a rule of thumb the actual working space within your cabinet will be around 150mm less than the measurement quoted for depth. In a server rack of 1000mm depth, you will find much closer to 850mm workable space. Make sure that when you are calculating the depth of your server (and whether or not it will fit into a certain rack) you account for this difference or you may end up with an unpleasant surprise.
Microbite are a leading supplier of server parts and computer spares. Whether you are looking for Netgear routers or something much more technical you are sure to get what you need from Microbite.
Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera... Oked Faqihah... hah... kpd sesiapa yg blom tahu siapa die... ini larh yg kecik 2 Oked Faqihah Bte Iman... hehehehehe... ok serba sdikit larh... klu nk tahu Oked nie ank kakak sye... Angah... huhuhuhu... si comel nie... klu bngon tdo jek tk pnh nk nangis... senyum jek... hehehehe... 2 yg smpi trigt-igt uh... geram jek tngk dye... mcm nk gigit2 jek dagu uh... huhuhuhu... pipi da larh dembam... hehehehe... nie larh buah hati akim klu nk tahu... huhuhuhu...

siapa yg letak nme Oked faqihah?? hahahahaha... ok Oked nie Ibu yg ltk... ibu nk nme2 cucu dye yg perempuan ltk nme bunga... huhuhuhu... nnt klu akim ade ank... nk ltk nme ape ek klu pompuan?? hah Kemboja... kihkihkih... ok larh 2 kn... tp mng pown sweet gler nme2 bunga nie... cthnye Melor fuh bestkn nme uh... hehehehehe... tp da ltk nme bunga ltkkn larh diblkang nmenye dngn nme2 yg baik... atau nme2 islam... mcm Oked Faqihah... lpe larh plk nme Faqihah 2 ape mksdnye.... tp mksdnye mmng baik... huhuhuhu wasalam semua...


wayang hari nie sangat best!!!!!!!

ok hari nie ape yg best ek?? hahahahaha... hari nie akim pergi tngk wayang yeahhh!!!!! cbe teka cerita ape?? ok movie nie tjuk dye... REAL STEEL pegh... mmng menakjubkan... jalan ceritanye sngt mngujekan... penuh dngn drama dan juga pnh dngn emosi... cerita nie sesuai untuk semua golongan... dr kecil hingga besar... cite dye mengisahkan sebuah robot buruk yg mnjadi sebuah robot hero... pegh... mmng baik... pas 2 JACK HUGHMAN pelakon yg best larh... coz dye bwk watak die dngn baik... seorng ayah yg tk mnghiraukan anknye... tp endingnye... tngk larh sndri... hahahahahaha...

Baik cerita yang kedua... huhuhuiiii terbaik.... JASON STATHAM ngn ROBERT DE NIRO  hegh... dasyat... good combination... sbb due2 membawa watak yg berbeza mereka nie kre satu team pembunuh yg dasyat larh mmng team dorng yg trbaik... dorng ade rintangan JASON STATHAM dlm cite nie ade seorng awek... tp awek dye tk tahu die pembunuh upahan... hah so klu nk thu ending dye... hahahahaha... jom lets go... g tngk sendri... mmng tkkn menyesal... trust me...